Eno Hammock – Double Nest

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This hammock is great for family or car camping or simply relaxing in the backyard...all you need are two strong trees to act as anchors! The Eno Double Nest packs up small and is incredibly lightweight; great for those who want to use it when traveling.

I've packed mine up and used it in Costa Rica. After a long day of surfing there is nothing better than settling in your hammock on the beach, next to your significant other, with a corona in hand. It's a super comfy place for two, providing a nice respite from the ground where the crawly bugs can't get you. Please note: this hammock is flammable, so make sure to set it up away from any campfires!


Hold two people, dimensions are 118" x 80". Max capacity: 400 lbs. Weight 1lb. 6oz. Packs down to 4"x5" or about the size of a grapefruit.

 -Kim Pennington, Skinny Skis Softgoods Buyer


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